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Photography Services

If you're seeking captivating tourism, concert/festival, or real estate photography, I invite you to connect with me for a conversation. Let's explore how my photography services can elevate your next project. I offer FREE quotes/estimates meticulously broken down to ensure transparency, and you can expect a prompt response within two business days, often sooner.

Photography Prints

For those of you looking to inquire about my prints, I have found a new printer with terrific quality that I like. I can now make prints more affordable. Prints still take 2 weeks for delivery as I check for quality and sign each print and I use PayPal to protect both parties during the transaction. Pricing goes as follows for standard prints:


5 x 7 print = $30.00 each

12 x 18 print = $60.00 each

24 x 36 print = 105.00 each


This INCLUDES shipping and tax.

Note: I do print on metal, but the pricing will have to be quoted separately from the pricing above. Metal prints are far more expensive to print, but if you are interested in this, I can have it done.

If you have other questions, please just go ahead and fill out the form. I am really good about getting back with people within two days (usually a lot faster though).

Joshua Moore  |  Church Hill, TN 37642  |

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