Architectural Photography

The Governors Palace, Colonial Williamsburg
The Governors Palace, Garden View, Colonial Williamsburg
The Governors Palace Rear View, Colonial Williamsburg
Ceiling View, Jamestown, VA
Lee Chapel, Lexington, VA
Lee Chapel Interior, Lexington, VA
First Baptist Church of Lynchburg, VA
FBC of Lynchburg Interior
FBC of Lynchburg Interior 2
Poplar Forest, Forest, VA
Capital Building Painting
Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg, VA
Entry to Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg, VA
Sun Trust Bank, Lynchburg, VA
Red Hill, Red Hill, VA
Lynchburg Post Office, Lynchburg, VA
Parlor Ballroom, Lynchburg, VA

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I developed a passion for architecture during my years at Custom Structures in Lynchburg, VA and Senior Architect Ron Driskill is the reason for that. Ron took me under his wing, sharing his passion of architecture with me. Since leaving Custom Structures I have kept that passion for architecture with me.

If you are looking for an architectural photographer I am available for hire and would love a chance to work with you. I charge $125 an hour and it includes travel up to 50 miles from Church Hill, TN (don't worry if it's within a few miles, I am not going to charge you). If your location is further out than this, it is a $35.00 fee for every extra 50 miles. I will provide the images in high resolution on a cd or for your convenience I will send you a dropbox link for quicker access if needed.


I do update my work periodically and you can follow my most recent work at either my Facebook page or on Instagram.

If you are looking for architectural photography services, please head over to the contact page. I would love a chance to work with you.