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Blue Ridge Parkway

Sunset at Woolyback - Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Misty Islands
American Majestic
Mabry Mill and Rhododendron Blooms
Stars Over Price Lake - Blue Ridge Parkway - NC
Majestic Blu Ridge Sunrise
Wander Lust
Reflection on Price Lake
Breaking Light
Three Knobs - Blue Ridge Parkway - NC
Devil's Courthouse Tunnel
Crabtree Falls - Blue Ridge Parkway - NC - Virtical
Purple Rain - Blue Ridge Parkway - NC
Crabtree Falls - Blue Ridge Parkway - NC - Horizontal
Golden Forest
Light Along the Blue Ridges
Duggers Creek Falls
Into the Mystic
Perseid Meteor Over the James
Autumn at Wigwam Falls
Price Lake - Blue Ridge Parkway
A Resilient Beauty
Transcendent Beauty
Blue Ridge Parkway
Golden Hour on the Parkway
Blue Ridge Cloud Inversion
Sunset Along the BRP at Cowee
Brocken Spectre
Looking Glass Rock and the BRP
Sunrise Over Mt. Pisgah
Windy Day Along the Parkway
Sunset From Woolyback
Blue Ridge Parkway
Purple Mountains
Mountain Magic
Autumn at Black Balsam
Autumn Along the Parkway
Blue Ridge Beauty
Spring Sunrise Along the Parkway
Devil's Court House
Linville Falls
Blue Ridge Beauty
The Blue Hour
Misty Forest
Sunrise at Looking Glass Rock
Autumn & A Farm
Sunset From Cowee
Fork Mountain Tunnel
Autumn Beauty
Morning Glow Over the Blueridge Mtns
Little Otter Lake Falls
Farming Along the BRP
Ravens Roost
Summer Reflections Over the James
Storm Clouds Over the Blueridge Mtns
Frozen Wigwam Falls
Little Otter Lake Falls 6
Light & Layers
Little Otter Creek
Tranquility is Silence
Peaks of Otter Sunrise
Magic Light Over the Blueridge Mtns
Sunrise Over Sharptop
Breaking Light
Fire Skies
Devils Court House
Sunrise from Ravens Roost
Blueridge Mountains
Fog Along the Pisgah National Forest
Looking Glass Rock
Snow Along the Parkway

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The Blue Ridge Parkway will always hold a special place in my heart.  I owe my career in photography to the Blue Ridge Parkway, it captivated me and inspired me (still does). I love traveling this beautiful scenic drive and above you will find a small collection of some of my favorite photographs (mostly, landscape photography) I have taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway over the years. I do update my work periodically and you can follow my most recent work at either my Facebook page or on Instagram.

If you are looking for scenic pictures to frame and hang up around your home or office, please head over to the contact page. I would love a chance to work with you.

If you are looking for stock photography for your website, you can also find me on and on

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