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Assateague Island

National Seashore

An Assateague Sunrise
Evening Reflections
Assateague at Night
Golden Hour on the Marsh
Pink Reflections
Golden Light in the Marshlands
Morning in the Marshlands
Pink Clouds Over Assateague
An Assateague Morning
Dusk in the Marshlands
Morning Reflections
Morning Sky
Pink Sky Delight

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Assateague Island National Seashore is one of the prettiest coastal areas I have ever visited. The beach is incredible and the scenic marshlands are incredible. I can honestly say I will keep visiting this beautiful location for the rest of my life and would recommend it to anyone wanting a quiet get away. Assateague has a beautiful lighthouse that is operated by the National Park Service, they have a great visitors center as well. Most notably are the wild ponies that roam around the beaches and marshlands and I look forward to finding them on my next trip there. Above you will find a small collection of some of my favorite photographs I have taken at Assateague Island. I do update my work periodically and you can follow my most recent work at either my Facebook page or on Instagram.

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