Hello there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. My greatest passion is photography, I just love everything about it. I truly feel this is what I placed here to do. I am a professional photographer based out of Church Hill, Tennessee. I am also a volunteer photographer for the National Park Service. My work has been published by National Geographic YourShot, Shutterbug Magazine, B & H Photography, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Landscape Photography Magazine and Smoky Mountain Living to name a few. Most all of my work is created by using natural light, I would say a good 90% of it.

I specialize in a vast array of different types of photography, landscape, nature, portrait, documentary and architectural.  I love having a variety and I love the different challenges each one brings. If you like the work I create, please head over to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I post new content on each of these platforms regularly.

If you do see a photo on here you would like to purchase a print of, please head over to the contact page. Fill out the form and I will reach back out to you (usually within the day).

August 15, 2018

This past week I decided to try something different. I decided to try and challenge myself to find something to photograph that is just 30 minutes from my home. I spent a lot of time at Laurel Run Park and Cherokee Lake, I also stayed along the Holston River. I wanted to focus my attention on wildlife. When I started this challenge I didn't expect to have so many great wildlife encounters.

On my first day of the Challenge I went down to the boat ramp at Laurel Run Park, I had heard rumors of 3 baby Great Blue Herons who hunted along the rocks, it turns out that they were actually Juvenile Green Herons and not baby Great Blue Herons. As I sat on a large rock out in the river these three Juvenile Green Herons started to get use to me, they realized I was not a threat and fished all around me. As I photographed these guys for about two hours I noticed an Osprey flying overhead. This Osprey landed on a branch of a dead tree across the river and I began to get very excited. I quit watching t...

July 25, 2018

The “Blue Hour” is a period of twilight when the sun is at a great depth below the horizon, the residual, indirect sunlight then takes on a predominantly blue shade in the morning and in the evening. The blue color spectrum is most prominent when the sun is between 4 and 8° below the horizon.

I love photographing during the Blue Hour; honestly it is probably my favorite times of the day. I love the clarity and the varying hues of blue. I try to look for layers to showcase depth and reflections. I generally won’t use a filter, but if I do use one it is either a graduated ND filter or a CPL. The Blue Hour is a great time of the day for long exposures and the air doesn’t seem as hazy.

The Blue Ridge Mountains provides ample opportunities with the Blue Hour and one of the best places to photograph at this time of day is the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway offers many different views and allows you to have many options, but really any place in our area of the Appalachian Mountains offers the...

July 13, 2018

My favorite location along the Blue Ridge Parkway may not be something you would typically expect. With places like Looking Glass Rock, the Devils Courthouse, Mabry Mill and the Black Balsam area, you would be asking me how could you possibly choose? Well, for me I have to choose the spot that got me into pursuing photography in the first place and it just happens to be lowest part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. That's right, the lowest. The James River Visitors Center is where the photography bug bit me, I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains here. I love how the mountains reflect onto the James River and I love the view from the Blue Ridge Parkway with the parkway leading you into the mountains.

When I lived in Lynchburg, Virginia I would visit this spot often, I only lived thirty minutes from it and it was incredibly easy for me to jump on here. I have shot this location on just about every type of weather situation and every season. This spot has captivated me for years. I know it...

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